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Winter little tricks to help you increase the range of car headlights lighting


Into the winter, many owners complained that their hid headlights lighting is not far enough, not bright enough. We also heard a replacement upgrade to increase the brightness of the lighting method. How reasonable care and simple debugging to directly improve the original light bulbs lighting effects. Will ensure that you can see the wider and more clear the fog in the winter rain and snow.

Headlight Lampshade clean

First of all, hid conversion kits cover that many people in poor lighting, replace the lamp directly, in fact, sometimes it really is not the responsibility of the bulb, but your headlights shade. Headlamp shade resistant material is divided into two pieces of glass and plastic lampshade. However, due to the driving environment and sealing conditions, there will always be a variety of small problems affect the lighting. Here are the main problems and solutions:

Caused by bad water, or attached to the dust seal

This problem is the collision of the headlights and lamp replacement vehicles often encounter often in the cold winter will generate a lot of mist, alternating hot car; the lampshade additional dust, because the winter sandstorm reason, a direct result of the loss of lighting effects.

Solution: fluorescent cover part of the car days to enjoy the sun in the sun, water evaporation, and timely manner to spread evenly around the seals and bulb rubber envelope talc, can guarantee the life of the elastic rubber seal kit, an increase of Sealing effect.

A very long period of time without car wash to cause the lampshade external dirty

Do not think that your car hid high and low beam kits cleaning function can be ignored, but will affect the winter headlight cleaning lampshade life. I will not speak on the water spray, driving alone to shade more watering bulbs can bake thermally induced deformation and fragmentation.
Solution: The best way is to stop, with a soft towel to wipe away the stains out of the shade, I do not think people would care at this time.

Two light-emitting angle appropriate

Secondly, will affect the angle of the lighting and angle adjustment device for a lot of high-end cars, or grading height lighting of the device. But here is that there is no standard for automotive lighting angle is the same, including a new car is shipped from the factory.

When you travel if you have a car across the alternating distance light, you should look at whether to adjust the beam, if not, then you see your headlights angular position. Because if you light angle is too high, so will not affect the opposite vehicle to the driver's line of sight, but fog and snow weather, but also directly affect their sight. Excessive irradiation angle is reflected in the snow, fog, a direct result of the vast expanse of light in front of you. (Using the same high beam, the front portion and the rear fog light fog snow most suitable or near light) Near angle of light is too low, led directly to the illumination range is too small, increase the driver's blind spot.

Solution: Find a vertical plane or light-colored walls, the first stop will be in front of close to the wall, then a straight line reversing 7-9 meters. Headlights geometry center to the measurement of the height of the ground, and again measuring the distance of the lamp in front of the center of the center of the car. The lamp height and distance of the two points is the most important. Back against the wall, just a few points before the front label, keep in mind that these two distances. At this point, you can see the the two nearly light bulb obtuse angle distance from the two light bulbs center wall.


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