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I often get the answer is: "What is a Lightbox?" When I tell people that I maintain a website boxes.

The easiest one box, use a low-watt bulb diffuse light propagation to complete a translucent box. They have several different uses.In art, a light box plate, transmission, graphics or patterns, or track. For example, if you get a tattoo, tattoo artist you can use a light box paintings depicting.Transfer ink tattoo, let him (her) pattern transfer guidance, your skin, you start painting. Or comic book inkers, you can use it to keep track of their artistic process

In the comic books and graphic novels as a form.

Watch boxes photographic negatives and slides. Small boxes lying view transparent images, photographers can more easily find what he or she wants the image.Other uses include stained glass designs, embossing, quilting, calligraphy or lettering. Basically, for any purpose, you need to track a form of work to be transferred Boxes from one medium can be used.

Light Therapy: The most common uses Lightbox

Lightbox diffuse, not nervous at all wavelengths of light, light boxes, sometimes used to treat seasonal affective disorder (SAD), a form of depression incitement lack of sunlight, especially in northern climates. Box only provides a full-wave treatment because they can also provide UV light.Regular light can be used to treat, sadly, too bright and intense. With the constant exposure to bright light can damage your eyes. Lightbox diffuse light many issues eliminate eye fatigue and allows you to expose themselves to light for longer time and more frequency. In addition, provide little or no light box, which is exposed to UV light than the sun light therapy safer way.

Boxes, light therapy SAD should concentrate its shorter wavelength blue light-emitting natural production of solar lights. They should be calm and diffuse reflection, so that
you can expose yourself to the highest possible amount of light.

Treatment SAD light box must be large enough to provide light for all users, and to consider the user's motion in a normal day. You should be able to install the lantern, which will make the whole room light propagation, to provide you with the maximum amount of exposure, when you want your day.

You should also know when you should use your light. Your therapist or doctor should be able to tell you what is ideal, you can adjust its position.Slim carrying case is also a good idea. Hard or inconvenient to use in the closet of optical transmission equipment. A single light box with a handle, it may be your best choice.

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