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United States banned the Audi adaptive headlights visual corner


According to the European media inautonews March 20, 2007, the United States prohibits the Audi adaptive visual corner lights on the U.S. version of the new car. German car brand Audi Details on the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas the A8 sedan headlights details, but U.S. regulators banned the use of the lights.

Audi of America spokesman, said Brad Stertz A8 models will be installing new lights market sales outside the United States since 2014. Only need to pay an additional $ 3,000 (about 18,634 yuan), the European car owners can configure its Audi A8 sedan visible corner lights.

Lights regulatory regulations require lights to achieve near-light and high beam conversion, Volkswagen's Audi brand is one of many seeking to change this doctrine of hid conversion kits manufacturers and automobile manufacturers, one. Audi automatically adjust lights beyond the requirements of this conversion. U.S. headlights doctrine was born in 1970, even earlier than the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety

Administration (NHTSA).

    Audi lighting technical director Stephan Berlitz in an interview that the past 10-15 years, the lighting technology, great changes since 1968, it is difficult to achieve technological innovation in the regulatory decrees. "Berlitz said:" U.S. regulators only know that the low beam hid light, but do not know the range between light and our new technology in between. "

    Although NHTSA low energy consumption, low heat dissipation, LED technology lighting longer acceptable, but not sure this technology can improve security. Audi will install new lights, A8 car prices is expected to be between $ 72,000 to $ 134,500 (about 447,205 to 835,404 yuan).


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