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The type of person Tattoo different reasons each tattoo has a story


Arms, legs, waist, flowers, some text --- Speaking of tattoos, reminiscent of the Young and Dangerous triad. Master Huang 10-year-old went to Japan to learn tattoo, now open a shop in Dongguan, he said the tattoo has become to express the personality of the times, one of the 10,000 kinds of reasons to conceal the scars, there are some cool fashion, and some people want to change the luck, some to commemorate some people.
Master Huang's father is a root carving master, Master Huang is nurtured, like painting at an early age, and gradually a minor celebrity.

In the 1990s, Master Huang came to Japan, which invited him, because I appreciate his painting skills, and asked him to follow the learning of tattoo art. Tattoos can not accept in Dongguan, his family also opposed. "But I like it, despite the opposition of his family, in 1997, in Japan right tattoo artistry Japanese master learning." Master Huang told reporters that he stay in Japan a year and a half, came back and opened a new wind "tattoo." Because no one has done, no tattookitsupply or even a license can not be done.

At that time, the tattoo is relatively small, but the price is relatively high, to determine the business, but his family continued to persuade Huang diverted. Master Huang's wife smiled and told reporters, in the 1990s, many people think that only evil people tattoo, but he always insisted that, there are thousands of people looking for a Master Huang tattoo.

Small tattoo from the drawing to the end of the year would take at least more than an hour. "He said, now more and more people choose to tattoo, tattoo art introduced by many training institutions is impossible, because a tattoo is not a simple life science and technology, but drawing skills are very important, and every time he designed in accordance with the guests of the skin of the body to tattoo, more than a decade, almost the same content model.

The reason is very strange tattoo

Some fashion, some to honor, and some to hide his scars, some in order to alter the mode ... almost behind every tattoo has a story. The guests in the past 2 years, because the whole body is almost fire burns. Master Huang told reporters that because they want to cover the scars. In order to cover up the scars, including burns, burns, cut his guests accounted for 50%.

"I have a tattoo," A person came to Master Huang to change the mode to change the luck. He told reporters,His real estate business in Dongguan, back and arm tattoo, but now he is not satisfied with the effect of the original, so he wants to change. For the pattern of this change, according to the original designs, Master Huang said, This is the hardest to do.

"Once the tattoo is hard to get rid of" Master Huang asked whether they consider carefully refused to minors or students."When their minds are not mature, it may sometimes purely for fun." Master Huang told reporters that their parents may not agree.

The housewives To cover up the caesarean incision tattoos, Master Huang also asked whether they would fertility.To thousands most expensive tattoo cost

Tattoo must be repeatedly sterilized tools; tattoo needles dipped in paint, headlong into the skin coloring. But now some of the teachers and doctors to choose tattoos, small tattoo charge from 300-500 yuan on the yuan, the most expensive costs. He said that, like
Professionals such as teachers and doctors, more choice in the the hidden parts thorn, outsiders can not see.

Master Huang Bowen from hand sewing machine tattoo machine package, tattoo artistry have made great progress in the pastYears. Today, tattoos are a professional tattoo kits machine powered by electricity, the body is composed of three parts, handle, disposable
tattoo needles. He told reporters that the original simple manual guests tattoo machine kits, 80% of the guests are not bleeding, coupled with the use of anesthetics, guests will also reduce pain. "Of course, other reasons of the machine, to a large extent depends on the tattoo artist's practice and hard work."


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