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The corners without blind spots headlamps with servo steering Chevrolet Recommended


New Mondeo - winning nominally belong to the success of the third generation Mondeo facelift, but in my eyes, in the installation of new powertrain and redesigned, in fact, have been the equivalent of a brand-new models. Ecoboost engine and Volvo the powershift six-speed dual-clutch gearbox greatly enhance the competitiveness Mondeo, fuel consumption and power belong to the top level in the same level of the vehicle, if you had enough of Volkswagen 4S indifferent attitude, but also preference for state-of-the-art turbocharged engine, the Mondeo - winning is definitely a very good choice.
Headlamps advantages: To be honest, the Mondeo - winning pricey cost, in addition to open 2.0GTDi200 Avantgarde, almost all of the Mondeo - winning to have corners auxiliary lighting - with dynamic headlight. The headlights as the steering wheel is turned, deflected to the left a certain point of view, do the corners really dead ends on the Elimination of lighting. And all equipped with dynamic headlamps Mondeo - winning the 2.0T model, also has xenon hid headlights, headlight cleaning and height adjustable headlights function. Mondeo - winning models, lighting system configuration very kind-hearted.
Mondeo - winning interior design is still using the cruise cabin design, divided into shallow interior and black dark interiors of two seats, cup holders, door panels, sun visors and other details were improved configuration more perfect care for the rear passengers. Low-sloping A-pillar and cockpit forward design, more spacious seating space. At the same time reach a large area of ??the windshield, and more available to the owners in front of the best driving vision.
Mondeo - winning 2.0T integrated turbo EcoBoost GTDi engine of fuel direct injection and twin independent variable valve timing system, the three key technologies, there are two versions, GTDi240 high-power version of the maximum output power 176.5kw / 6000rpm, maximum output torque 340Nm/1900-3500rpm, 100 km combined consumption of only 7.9 liters (official). GTDi200 maximum output power 149kw/6000rpm, maximum output torque 300Nm/1750-4500rpm, 100 km combined consumption of 7.9 liters (official).
Mondeo - winning tire with Michelin 225/50 R17 specifications, the hub of high and low power versions differ in form, but belong to the same movement style. Tire tread with a sports model, to guarantee the grip, to further improve handling. As a main movement of the mid-size car, the Mondeo - winning tire specifications and models to meet the needs of sporty driving.
Mondeo - winning a total of eight colors can be selected, the actual visual effects are very good. White and silver more popular, able to take into account some of the commercial demand, more bright blue sports style is relatively more pronounced favorite Mondeo - winning young consumers may wish to consider purchasing this color.
If our car from a practical standpoint, sunshade, electronic anti-glare rearview mirror, sensing wipers are not commonly used functions, do not have to pay for in terms of security, the new Mondeo - the winning GTDi200 Luxury and Extreme type is also just a few knee airbags and tire pressure monitoring. New Mondeo - the winning GTDi200 Luxury not only has advanced powertrain and more practical configuration, we recommend consumers to buy.

Warranty: 3 years or 100,000 km warranty 370

Maintenance aspects, Mondeo - winning enjoy a three-year, 100,000 km vehicle warranty. Recommended daily maintenance cycle within the warranty period, the store is one of the free oil and the machine filter replacement, maintenance required for the first time in about 5000 km to 5000 km is appropriate. The car to change the oil and filter costs about 370 yuan, a large maintenance costs according to the condition, such as oil changes and three filter costs about 960 yuan.


Winning 2.0T model performance can be described as excellent, but before the difficulty in marketing a large part of the reason is the inherent understanding of the people for the mid-size car, with more and more young owners saw Mondeo - winning a number of times on the street also up more gradually. In addition, a new generation Mondeo will be in March of this year synchronized with the overseas edition models on sale, the expected starting price at $ 200,000. The car is expected to meet with you at the Shanghai Auto Show. slim hid kit


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