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Rain and snow daytime running lights should be opened for safety


Rain and snow, the driver's line of sight is blocked. Even in the daytime, because the fog drops after the car windows, mirrors more difficult. If you can open the bright lights, traveling more convenient. Reporters yesterday survey found that most drivers have a habit of driving in the rain, turn on the lights.

High-speed 900 to the car in the rain "blind line"

The van did not open the left turn signal, slowly began to close the inside lane line. Van left front wheel pressure on the lane line, speed, came. He did not notice that in the back of the van within 78 meters of track, a black car, no lights. The car slammed on the foot brake to avoid the van hit.

The reporter looked to the car in the rearview mirror. Windows, mirrors, covered with drops of water, light is difficult to see the back of the car. There was a time, with fog, automotive glass, mirrors, watching the road more difficult. However, in the rearview mirror is still
clearly visible. All the way from the East Fifth Ring, North Fifth, nearly 20 kilometers of road, the reporter did not see, just to see 10 vehicles contour lights or the low beam light.
Subsequently, the reporter observed in the airports, high-speed, high-speed, urban road, in addition, there is during the day.Running lights automatically turn on the vehicles, drivers generally do not have the habit of rainy days, turn on the lights. At the airport, high-speed, vehicle acceleration to 110 km, the front of the vehicle rising mist rushed in the front windshield, side windows is more blurred, the line is even more difficult. Reporter observed 5 minutes at the toll station, a total of only 34 to turn on the light, and the average car by more than 10 vehicles, of which about half of daytime running lights lighting function automatically open the vehicle. In other words, within five minutes, only single-digit car take the initiative to open the lights, the other car is black, the blind running lights in the rain.

Can be clearly seen on the road "Can not open lights

"Well, the line of sight during the day so well, do not turn on the lights can be seen." Driving Miss Jia said, "Why do you want to open multiple actions
The lights lit the lamp costs of electricity! Interview more than 10 years of driving experience drivers know the reason the road and in front of the vehicle, and tells us not to turn on the lights."In fact, turn on the lights is not just for their own be able to clearly see." In the Automobile Club of Master Sun told reporters, "but also allow other drivers to see you on the road to avoid accidental rub. "In fact, in the rain and snow, strong backlight and other
Case, although the driver can still see the front of the line of sight, you can see the number of dashboard, but look at the rear view will affect the line of sight in the mirror.

Master Sun has become a habit every time it rains overtime to repair a member of the club, and every time the driver told him, a car accident because the car did not see, or did not see the vehicle in front, of course, both the driver forgot to open Lights. "Reminded many times, but we do not believe it." Master Sun looked very helpless.

In addition, Master Sun told reporters the lighting fee tariff oil car misunderstood. "Not open beam lights and headlights.During the day, open contour hid lights (showing the wide lights) on the small lamp power is very small, there is no impact on power, fuel Consumption - fuel consumption is far less than the drive hard acceleration brake lights.
"Light" to help others is also the convenience of their own

Driving rain lights, driving habits of civilization, but also reflects the public morality. "The official said," You can clearly see the road, but from their own perspective to consider, and active in the rain and bad sight when turn on the lights, for the sake of others, it is a convenient take care of others.

In fact, such a civilized public morals, for the sake of others at the same time, will give owners more secure. The traffic control department statistics show that 60% of the car accident, because fuzzy driving headlights, a decrease of 12.4% in vehicle accidents; important accidents can be reduced to 26.4% chance of death in a car accident - to let others see your car means to gain time in order to take hedging measures.

It is understood that in recent years, Europe has begun to force the vehicle to install daytime running lights, even in the strong sun light, the front will be lit a small lamp, high brightness, improve vehicle identification. However, the domestic auto industry is not only mandatory daytime running lights, traffic laws only need to turn on the lights in the line of sight is not good when the specific requirements and no hid headlights, rain and snow. Therefore, drivers need to raise awareness of road of civilization, take the initiative to turn on the light rain and snow to facilitate for yourself and others.


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