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Prohibit minors cosmetic tattoos need for tolerance and cooperation


Almost certainly, in the national and provincial legislative level, they were not made in the context of substantive intervention and specification, Guangzhou intends to expressly prohibited minor cosmetic and tattoo a message, it is bound to lead to diverse hot outside.
Because there is no precedent, no after-effects can be measured, so the range of views and opinions, certainly for long.I believe that, one thing seems to be a consensus: the public would like to see nothing wrong with cosmetic tattoo "18 ban (under the age of 18, which prohibits) the first test courage, at the same time to give the maximum tolerance measures for the protection of minors, supplemented by the strong support and cooperation of all parties concerned.

Now, the subtle influence of the external environment such as commercial hype, some minors are increasingly keen cosmetic and tattoos of pure beauty in nature. Not to mention preferences and try to be caused by the extent to which minors life and values ??distorted, at least in view of the minors on the mind and the behavior can not be completely controlled, by social forces and constraints, this provide "adequate protection", I think you should not be viewed as a "pre-empt", "nothing good". Can not say that this phenomenon is left unchecked, does not care to be considered to ensure their healthy growth.

There is no denying, "try before you may be able to see into" first, but in many cases, are often more likely to have had one "or" first mistake ". In other words, the protection of minors in the domestic first of its kind for Guangzhou's new regulations, the outside world is best to be more tolerant understanding feelings, and less in the language of cynicism. Meanwhile, in order to avoid repeating the many aspects of the provisions of "can not" do good "in the past, efforts should be made to do a good job supporting the implementation of" complementary ": For example, for the strict compliance of the cosmetic sector operating, there must be a strict preventive supervision mechanism; another example, to ensure that relevant departments to check the enforcement powers, able to provide a strong day-to-day
supervision, and rapid and timely given serious treatment of illegal businesses.

Would like to see the first try of the cosmetic tattoo "18 ban" courage, but also try to use the "magnifying glass" to wondering strengths, rather than deliberately toward the front and back to look at the new regulations the new lift. This respect, insight impartial view. The customs and traditions of our culture, the phenomenon of tattoo is indeed different from the other countries, caution is not an exaggeration; children do not know the consequences, or should be promoted so their adult, go As properly consider whether the text.

There is a "Stones from other hills: Taiwan, China in 2005 had provisions to help young people under the age of 18 years old tattoo or piercing will trigger civil law, in addition to parents about the industry claims, breach of the criminal law, but also to three imprisonment. More information on tattoo equipment supplies and tattoo kits wholesale.

In short, the author's opinion, the new regulations for the protection of minors in Guangzhou, the first "good thing", but more Mo ignore

the "called worry. Only truly a "good thing to do, this attempt and initiative will be even more social value and practical significance.


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