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Points concerning the car wash to pay attention to the most get rid of stains


Car wash the most fundamental purpose and in order to wash away the stains of the car, light water is certainly not wash clean, what car wash, too particular about the. Car wash detergent, car wash shop can be basically divided into three: washing powder, detergent, special washing liquid.

Most destroyed car washing powder car wash

Some owners go to a car wash shop, see staff wash very seriously, washing the bubble flying pretty strong capacity of cleaning, decontamination, then dirty car seems are alone, washing It looks very clean from the outside . If you want to know whether the car wash
shop is what give you a car hid lights wash, you can use your fingers squeezed to get the nose to smell those bubbles, washing powder! Yes, some car wash shop car wash with detergent.

Washing powder is alkaline detergent, great damage to the paint, if long-term use detergent to wash the surface of the car will gradually lose its luster. Washing powder paint corrosion short term is difficult to see, so many owners do not know the powerful. The car wash shop
owner knowing laundry detergent will ruin the car, why use it? The fundamental reason is that the washing powder is low cost, quick. Some car wash shop to the car wash with detergent, shopkeepers are generally purchased similar vats of detergent used by the food and beverage industry, this detergent is only tens of dollars cheaper than dedicated washing liquid, but still widely car wash shop use.

A car beauty shop owner, said: "special washing liquid is neutral, and will not harm the paint, but the price is slightly more expensive than the detergent. Now more and more expensive water bills, car wash profits are getting lower and lower , so stores are doing everything
possible to reduce costs. "the boss also revealed that a distinguished trick is to look at the car wash workers at the car wash when hands.
If white hand car wash workers, it would prove that he used the car wash liquid is the problem, long-term use of alkaline detergent to wash.

From the outside, the car wash just a simple manual labor, does not seem any skills, but also very particular about the car wash water. Professional car wash shop will never be one up on the high-pressure water jets Kuangpen generally fine water slow stream must first pass, rushed down from the car stick dust particles flow away. If a high-pressure water jets, it is equivalent to that of dust particles in the paint surface friction movement.

Sometimes, the owner in order to save, often at the roadside store car wash, who carry a bucket car wash, and if you look closely, you will find they have a lot of sediment in the bucket, no difference with sandpaper Cleaning. Discarded some car wash shop towel the hotel, this towel looks very new very white, but in fact has been very rough, same car have hurt.

The car wash Beware tie car bi xenon headlights.

Since the steadily increasing cost of urban water, car washing is no longer a separate income, many automotive beauty shop and car repair shop car wash regarded as a complementary projects. Some owners of the car to the garage after washing the car tires but no gas. People knowing which are tricky, but I could not understand the truth. A staff that had worked in the repair shop to the author tells the insider.

Individual repair shop in order to pick up a little more business, the shopkeepers on the dark car wash workers at the car wash at the same time quietly tie bad tires. Bar-car tools typically a one sharpened wire hidden in the Cache cloth.

It is understood that, when the car wash is divided into three parts: take water gun car red wet that is the first step; playing the washing liquid; The third step is to scrub the car interior. The first two steps of the time will not start, wait until cleaning the car, when people look at it all go around, sight full block, bar car. They usually choose the right side of the car, because the left side of the driver in the car, get off standing on the left, so that bar the right tires is not easy to be found, the cleaner the sound can also be deflated voice to conceal .


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