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Hid Lights in Hid Conversion Kits Visionari's blog


Car hid lights are the eyes of car

In low visibility weather conditions, the driver good vision is key to safe driving, but the dim lights simply can not meet the traffic demand inclement weather, in fact, bad illumination at night even in good weather it is difficult to People get enough vision. In particular, some older vehicles, the original lighting configuration is not high, with lighting, aging lines, dim...


Rain and snow daytime running lights should be opened for safety

Rain and snow, the driver's line of sight is blocked. Even in the daytime, because the fog drops after the car windows, mirrors more difficult. If you can open the bright lights, traveling more convenient. Reporters yesterday survey found that most drivers have a habit of driving in the rain, turn on the lights. High-speed 900 to the car in the rain "blind line" The van...


Pretty lights like a woman beautiful eyes

Bound to have artistic atmosphere handsome man or a beautiful woman, there is often a pair of bright eyes and respected car headlights. Lights not just line the night road lighting tools, different modes of driving signal conversion tools, it is a different car brand identity elements.

Bright eyes like car headlights, the designer given exclusive personality of each model, at...