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Approved analysis and attention calmly bound lights change "tears in their eyes"

A brume central the car headlights, abounding disciplinarians accept appear beyond the headlamps at this time like adulterated eyes, animals may feel benevolence. This in the end is how it is the headlights closed able-bodied headlamps baptize central or lampshades accidentd, baptize breath permeability to the headlight centralized? Headlights in agreement of the all-embracing ...


Rain and snow daytime running lights should be opened for safety

Rain and snow, the driver's line of sight is blocked. Even in the daytime, because the fog drops after the car windows, mirrors more difficult. If you can open the bright lights, traveling more convenient. Reporters yesterday survey found that most drivers have a habit of driving in the rain, turn on the lights. High-speed 900 to the car in the rain "blind line" The van...


The best car audio protection off to pay attention to follow the dirt mountain road

On his way, listening to soothing music, or relax, or troubleshooting offensive. But every winter, car audio protection is often plagued by many Owners. How to keep the voice? To this end, the reporter interviewed the professionals. Prevent dust from entering Boss Mr. Chen, Mr. Chen is a music fan, each time in driving the process of listening to the CD, but a few days ago...