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Winter little tricks to help you increase the range of car headlights lighting

Into the winter, many owners complained that their hid headlights lighting is not far enough, not bright enough. We also heard a replacement upgrade to increase the brightness of the lighting method. How reasonable care and simple debugging to directly improve the original light bulbs lighting effects. Will ensure that you can see the wider and more clear the fog in the winter...


United States banned the Audi adaptive headlights visual corner

According to the European media inautonews March 20, 2007, the United States prohibits the Audi adaptive visual corner lights on the U.S. version of the new car. German car brand Audi Details on the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas the A8 sedan headlights details, but U.S. regulators banned the use of the lights. Audi of America spokesman, said Brad Stertz A8 models...


Automotive vehicle equipped with a fire extinguisher is best replaced once a year

Automotive vehicle equipped with a fire extinguisher best year replaced once Mr. Jiang lived in Yongkang Xicheng Street, his Kia K2 is the middle of May last year, spent five eighty thousand to buy Kia 4S shops in Yiwu, mainly from work with more than 8000 kilometers, before opening. "at 19:30 on the March 16 Left and right, Mr. Jiang driving a car ready to go Yongkang district...


Automobile headlights Much stress can not be arbitrary nor without

Nocturnal lights, signal lights, fog lights, nocturnal lights on the car, all kinds of lights have different purposes, the use is very particular, both can not be used indiscriminately nor without. Night The width light: commonly known as the "little lights". This light is used at night and displays the body width and length. Regular checks of drivers usually carry out...