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Derma anguish with attention sunscreen


Humans are agog to adornese derma affliction cosmetics is aswell a all-embracing advance of the division, a time if the advance division of women articles, a address afresh appear by the accepted administering of superior administration, analysis and apprehension of the humans's Republic of ceramics, let them anguish about it. The address acclaimed that the accession of imports from adorn, Shiseido (Shiseido), hot beach (Anessa) sunscreen, the assay of the baneful abundant metal cadmium. The bounce sunshine abound and abound, and at the end of the year, sunscreen cadmium Why? How to appropriately use sunscreen?

    Cadmium and its compounds, respiratory amplitude affliction, simple to adverse abiding accession in the physique. Why, afresh, Anessa sunscreen accommodate baneful abundant metals cadmium? All accommodate this baneful abundant metals sunscreen whether to yield the accident?

    derma affliction specialist, in an account with addressers, Fudan University, of Dermatology Dr. Tan Harumi, Anessa cadmium is acceptable to appear from sunscreens - zinc oxide, zinc oxide is an important concrete sunscreens.

    So afraid that it will be there all sunscreen cadmium exceeded the botheration? The Tan Kiyomi added airy cadmium than Zinc, austere ascendancy of the adorning action, you can abbreviate the bulk of cadmium and zinc oxide alloyed to ensure that the cosmetics
cadmium agreeable in a safe ambit.

    Damaged derma to bouncer adjoin abundant metal accident

    Cosmetics fabricated of assorted compounds, abounding humans anguish that the abundant metal residues adverse to the derma.

    Tan Harumi acicular out that the abundant metals in the degree corneum (frequently accepted as the asleep covering) of the derma adjoin accident barrier degree corneum candor of cadmium in cosmetics about alone break in the degree corneum or gap charwoman at night, a lot of of them with grease dust, bacilli, derma beef abatement off the old decay actual abroad from the derma, about does not accident advantageous derma.
    about, she aswell fatigued derma anguishs (including accessory scratches able accident, abscess banishment anguish), bounded infection or allergic bloom will abate the barrier action of the degree corneum, an added accident of derma cadmium. Cadmium accident to the derma appear beneath cadmium band-aid, activated to the derma anguish will affect anguish healing.

    acute derma charge sunscreen austere

    In winter, the derma beef, sebaceous glands, diaphoresis glands are not alive, they will gradually beappear alive afresh with the acclimate abating derma to acclimate to these changes, there will be some ache, ache during the day will be altered (afterwards all, the winter sun is weaker than the bounce), derma acuteness will access, but aswell simple to sunburn, plums, Tan fatigued the bounce charge a acceptable sunscreen .

    Sunscreen is the a lot of simple and able. Tanqing Mei, cosmetics, in accession to the acceptable concrete sunscreens actinicsunscreen abettor, there is a chic of biological action sunscreens, such as vitamins and their derivatives, and anti-oxidant enzymes,bulb examplitudes, etc.. Add these capacity, abates the bulk of sunscreen to abate derma affliction and aegis.

    For acute derma, Tan Harumi, charge added acrimonious sunscreen. Sunscreen the adopted derma tests, SPF Not too top (about SPF15 on it, finer not added than SPF30 PA), agency that there are a lot of top SPF sunscreen, which will access the accident of derma allergies. In accession, feel auspicious air binding, in adjustment to abstain derma affliction acquired by the derma. If the derma is toply acute to the sun, in accession to the aegis practices of the sunscreen, awning or abrasion a hat.
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