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Car hid lights are the eyes of car


In low visibility weather conditions, the driver good vision is key to safe driving, but the dim lights simply can not meet the traffic demand inclement weather, in fact, bad illumination at night even in good weather it is difficult to People get enough vision. In particular, some older vehicles, the original lighting configuration is not high, with lighting, aging lines, dim light than the flashlight to have not much stronger. For safe driving, lighting

Transformation imperative. There are currently lighting renovation and upgrades to increase the power lights xenon lights two means. A low investment with little small, and the other input is high and yields great results, how to choose will have to see your needs and budget.
Low-cost solution: increase the lamp power Many car headlights are still using power 45W/55W incandescent lamp, power is relatively small. Some car headlights are on circuits
directly from the gross vehicle harness ceded power transmission, headlights resulting voltage is lower than the total circuit voltage of a-2 Volts. Through the incandescent tungsten lamp under vacuum to obtain the illumination light, but tungsten is energized in a vacuum
environment, generating light also produced the tungsten vapor, resulting in decreased brightness, with vehicle age Accumulate, the more you use the more light will dim.
Now popular on the market there is a feasible way to retrofit a better solution: the original headlights interface plug an external circuit through the vehicle's battery power to send directly to the headlights, you can ensure sufficient voltage, and the original trucks light
After the change as the switching circuit is used, this method can be replaced with a vehicle headlight 90W/100W halogen, significantly improved brightness, night driving safety can be greatly improved.
Performance solution: xenon lamp
In other countries, especially in the European market, production, installation xenon lamp is strictly regulated. In European countries where the laws do not allow individual replacement car light. Even if the original car xenon headlights must also be installed to meet the
following four

Conditions: must be fitted lenses must be fitted with headlight cleaning system, you must ensure that the light color temperature of 4300k or less, must be equipped with automatic headlight level system. These prerequisites, the only requirement is to prevent the color temperature CCT And reduce excessive rain, snow, fog and other inclement weather light penetration, the other three are not provided to prevent the impact of drivers of vehicles traveling on the line of sight required.
Let's intuitive understanding of color temperature: The color temperature of about 3000K, the light-colored yellow. When the color temperature of about 5000K white, and then further polish color will slowly bluish. Different color temperature of light, with different lighting and visual effects. Not Same color temperature corresponding to different colors, different wavelengths gives the eye caused by a different color feel. Color temperature is a measure of the standard color temperature, lamp brightness is not measured. The color temperature of 2300K halogen lamps can be to 7000K, HID lights.

By the 4200K color temperature to more than 8000K. The higher the color temperature of light, although it seems more dazzling, but actually it is fog and rain penetration worse.
So many people think that the higher the temperature the better, is completely wrong. Almost all of the original Xenon lamp color temperature of 4000k only succeed, it is because the higher the temperature, the more blue color, light penetration sent, especially in
Rain and fog days. Lower color temperature is just the opposite. Therefore, the vast majority of street lights are yellow is the truth.
Xenon conversion lens essential

The transformation of the so-called lens light, in fact, a convex lens, the light source is mounted on the front headlight for condenser. In many models, the lens could be seen on the headlights, with high quality lens, hid conversion kits will be very bright, concentratingVery good, but if a simple change in the general assembly headlights with xenon lamp, the effect will be very bad, causing not only shine light the way the human eye each other consequences. In conventional reflector lamp bowl before xenon light source will cause the beam divergence beam.

Too close and concentrated, shine out like a flashlight beam patterns were round or oval.
Europe and the United States on the use of HID retrofit minimum standard requirement is to use a lens, or even a little higher standards required to increase the front headlight, headlight cleaning system, which is to prevent the dirt on the glass headlight light caused by divergent

Form glare, all to safety.
xenon hid headlights without tungsten wire, is not oxidized and blown concerns, its life is 5 times of ordinary light bulbs. Incandescent light bulbs with 90% of the electrical energy into heat energy, temperature up to 650 ?, while the temperature of xenon lamp is only 450 ?,
greatly reducing the Plastic lamps surrounding the loss, reduce costs and enhance the life of the car.


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