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Car DVR purchase standard


First, anti-vibration

Although ordinary DVR, embedded systems, but the the Car DVR technology is more complex than ordinary DVR, the need to address the key. Therefore, they are two completely different concepts. Car DVR applications on mobile vehicles, due to different vehicle condition, road conditions, vibration, relatively large, have a great impact on the hard disk read and write data, damage to the equipment is very large.

Therefore, seismic technology has become the the Car DVR most basic requirements. At present, the main machine damping hard disk rack damping, hard damping measures.

Car DVR market in the security industry is still relatively chaotic, the user's level of awareness is not deep, therefore, often found posing as ordinary DVR Car DVR phenomenon. Therefore, the specific actual effects need to know yourself to examine.

Second, the regulated power supply

Voltage stability is another important Car DVR technology. In the process of moving vehicles have ignition, brake, step on the gas, and other actions, such behavior can cause the output voltage of the vehicles have different amplitude fluctuations can easily lead to the Car DVR burned out. Car DVR must have a wide voltage input capability to adapt to this voltage change. Currently, usually 6 ~ 36V wide voltage in order to meet the needs of mobile transport.

Also note that if the vehicle collided suddenly turn off the car power supply cut off, this time Car DVR should have realized the power function of automatic protection to ensure that the hard disk within the data will not be lost.

Third, heat dissipation

The vehicle during operation by the environment, the weather, the temperature change is relatively large.This Car DVR thermal performance of the high demand. The thermal performance is bad, the life of the product will be reduced, at the same time will also affect the monitoring results. Some products through fan cooling, either through body heat. Therefore, at the time of purchase, a good idea to run for a period of time, and then measure the body temperature, and watch the actual effect of the image.

Fourth, the image clarity

The sharpness of the image is a direct impact to the monitoring results, and buy products, depending on the products which processing chip, which compression format, support resolution? Product support is generally CIF to D1, D1 recording, CIF transfer. To observe the actual results, recording a video in different resolutions to observe the effect of video playback, the picture is clear, if there is delay.

Five interface firmness

In the car, the brakes, acceleration, road bumps, shock is relatively large. If the interface is not solid, wiring at any time may fall off, cause image jitter, video loss, power loss. Therefore, when purchasing the product, to carefully observe the interface is solid. I have seen in the testing process, some manufacturers will most of the rear panel interface together all the data line interface instead of a pin, and bind them in a bunch of solid interface has played a good role.

Sixth, wireless transmission

Car standalone DVR system addition to being able to provide local video and forensics information you need to get the video information is promptly sent back to the control center, to facilitate the control center to keep abreast of the car situations and centralized management. Therefore, the wireless transmission is particularly important.

Mainly using mobile GPRS and Unicom's CDMA network, but due to the problem of bandwidth and cost, but also can not do real-time transmission, only 5 to 7 in the the second transmission CIF format screen. Therefore, the user can view the pictures transmitted back clear and smooth control center.

Seven, waterproof

General daily cleaning vehicles, especially buses. Bus stop, the staff will use water to rinse compartment too easy to splash water on the equipment, waterproof bad water droplets into the inside of the chassis, when the vehicle ignition is activated, you may burn out equipment, car DVR surveillance system waterproof can not be ignored.


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