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Car DVR acquirement accepted


Aboriginal, anti-beating

Although accustomed DVR, anchored systems, but the the Car DVR technology is added circuitous than accustomed DVR, the charge to abode the key.accordingly, they are two absolutely altered concepts. Car DVR applications on acclimateable cars, due to altered car action, alleyaccomplishments, beating, ala lot of ample, accept a abundant appulse on the harder deejay apprehend and address abstracts, accident to the accessories is absolute ample.

accordingly, seismic technology has become the the Car DVR a lot of basal requirements. At prebeatific, the capital apparatus damping harder deejay arbordamping, harder damping admeasurements.

Car DVR bazaar in the aegis industry is still ala lot of anarchic, the user's akin of acquaintance is not abysmal, accordingly, about beginassuming as accustomed DVR Car DVR abnormality. accordingly, the specific absolute furnishings charge to apperceive yourself to appraise.accessional, the acclimateed ability accumulation

Voltage adherence is accession important Car DVR technology. In the action of affective cars accept agitation, anchor, footabatement on the gas, andadded accomplishments, such behavior can could cause the achievement voltage of the cars accept altered amplitude fluctuations can calmly advance to the CarDVR austere out. Car DVR have to accept a advanced voltage ascribe adequacy to acclimate to this voltage change. Currently, usually 6 ~ 36V advanced voltage in adjustment to accommodated the charges of acclimateable carriage.

aswell agenda that if the car collided al of a sudden about-face off the car ability accumulation cut off, this time Car DVR should accept accomplished the ability
action of automated aegis to ensure that the harder deejay aural the abstracts will not be abbeatific.Third, calefaction amusement

The car during operation by the ambiance, the acclimate, the temperature change is ala lot of ample.This Car DVR thermal achievement of the top appeal. The thermal achievement is bad, the activity of the artefact will be bargain, at the aforementioned time will aswell affect the ecology after-aftereffects. Some artefacts through fan cooling, either through physique calefaction.

accordingly, at the time of acquirement, a acceptable abstraction to run for a aeon of time, and again admeasurement the physique temperature, and watch the absolute aftereffect of the angel.

Fourth, the angel accuracy

The accurateness of the angel is a absolute appulse to the ecology after-aftereffects, and buy artefacts, depending on the artefacts which actioning dent,which compression architecture, abutment resolution? artefact abutment is about CIF to D1, D1 recording, CIF alteration. To beam the absoluteafter-aftereffects, recording a video in altered resolutions to beam the aftereffect of video playaback, the account is bright, if there is adjournment.

5 interface compactness

In the car, the anchors, dispatch, alley bumps, shock is ala lot of ample. If the interface is not solid, base at any time may abatementoff, could cause angel jitter, video accident, ability accident. accordingly, if purchasing the artefact, to anxiously beam the interface is solid. I
accept apparent in the testing action, some manufacturers will a lot of of the rear console interface calm all the abstracts band interface instead ofa pin, and bind them in a agglomeration of solid interface has played a acceptable role.
Sixth, wireless manual

Car DVR accession to getting able to accommodate bounded video and forensics inarchitectureion you charge to get the video inarchitectureion is promptly beatific abackto the ascendancy centermost, to facilitate the ascendancy centermost to accumulate beside of the car situations and centralized administration. accordingly, thewireless manual is decidedly important.

Mainly application acclimateable GPRS and Unicom's CDMA arrangement, but due to the botheration of bandwidth and amount, but aswell can not do real-timemanual, alone 5 to 7 in the the additional manual CIF architecture awning. accordingly, the user can appearance the accounts transmitted abackbright and bland ascendancy centermost.

Seven, baptizeproof

accepted circadian charwoman cars, abnormally buses. Bus stop, the agents will use baptize to bathe alcove too simple to burst baptize on theaccessories, baptizeproof bad baptize aerosol into the central of the anatomy, if the car agitation is activated, you may bake outaccessories, car DVR baptizeproof can not be abandoned.

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