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Camera industry's future development direction prediction


The technology of the electronics industry is spiraling, industry trends, new products to replace old products, future technologies faster and faster updates. In the camera industry, for example, the future development direction including the improvement of the pixel photosensitive area of ??a single pixel becomes large, the array camera.

1, the pixel upgrade evident

All new mobile phone project project hope to do more than 13 million. Photos best reflect the function of the phone selling point, but the demand is just to be. SONY is at the forefront of the 13 years the main push 13 million Sensor want prices will remain live, such as OV
aptina to catch up again and again 1600 W. future high-end 1300w is a standard. Overall, the pixel upgrade hardware and software are constantly support each other in the process of upgrading, the industry will continue to promote the technology forward, OV does not push 1300w, 1400w and will push next year, follow-up SONY will push 1600W manufacturers inter-generational competitive situation.

But not the higher the pixels, the better. We understand the pixel errors, 800W pixels is not necessarily better than 500W, such as HTCONE400 million camera OV, the pixel is not very high, but the single-pixel sensor larger, iphone5s or 8,000,000 pixels. To 8 million -1300 million pixel expansion of little significance, the greater significance of a single pixel on the photosensitive area. Photosensitive point area later pixels to do high volume of the camera after a small unit area of ??reducing.High-pixel high-definition there are also differences. Pixel is a static concept, SD, HD Zhen, is a dynamic concept, 30 frames HD 60 ultra-high definition, and 2 million which also has a high-definition, is not a concept. No bottleneck in professional video camera technology more than 13 million, but to do 0 delay, more than 24 frames, or can not delay.

2, the array camera is the future trend

Array camera electronic compound eyes, remove the VCM VCM thickness 6 mm difficult to do, focus takes time, and supply chain lies in the hands of two Japanese suppliers, Out this part. Array camera 10 years ago, has started to discuss all the images all caught in, do it
inside the CPU and GPU processing speed photographed, but at the same time very powerful processing capability of CPU and GPU requirements, a dozen years ago it is premature to do this project industry chain, to reach the ability because the CPU and GPU. Array camera patent to China to seek cooperation in the previous two years, LENS, sensor, packaging and subsequent processing must be fully compatible with the industry chain is not fully compatible with the.

To the CPU and GPU processing power has been met, and there are redundant, need to find new applications, Qualcomm push array cheap dome security cameras, Aptina Sensor plant in the United States is also pushing array camera. The Qualcomm processor Xiaolong 800 support this feature. Nokia has acquired a specialized the array camera company, industry chain has now reached a mature status. Apple highly concerned about this technology, but also want to solve the problem of Japanese suppliers of industrial chain constraints. Array camera, the camera thickness from 6mm down to 3mm. OV also involves array camera, there was no great internal layout. Aptina SONY out there will be pressure, since Apple will go to Samsung, the future may de-SONY.

Array camera this year has just started and the amount of dome security cameras module industry chain the array camera out cause a revolutionary impact. Also do not have to worry about a lot of module plant layout should be out in 2014, but it should be a small amount.Huatian Technology subsidiary, West titanium to Aptina Sensor package, while giving the largest sensor manufacturers Geke microelectronic packaging technology is good.


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