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Automotive vehicle equipped with a fire extinguisher is best replaced once a year


Automotive vehicle equipped with a fire extinguisher best year replaced once Mr. Jiang lived in Yongkang Xicheng Street, his Kia K2 is the middle of May last year, spent five eighty thousand to buy Kia 4S shops in Yiwu, mainly from work with more than 8000 kilometers, before opening. "at 19:30 on the March 16 Left and right, Mr. Jiang driving a car ready to go Yongkang district act did not expect out of the car three or four kilometers to the accident. "It was open to traffic lights to stop, I saw the front of a little smoke, and thought it was the front car exhaust. "Mr. Jiang is not too concerned about the red light to green light pedal throttle moved forward a few meters, you see the front of the co-pilot side of the headlight near sprang the flames." I stop immediately kicked flames. '

Fire burned the greater the hood also sprang the flames, "I took pat to the car, and later passing to help me with the fire-fighting, someone to help me to the police." Helpless fire or more burned more Later has No way near, Mr. Jiang and several help people can only stand aside and watch the car slowly firing shell.

When firefighters arrived on the scene, the front of the car, the engine and wheels are still burning fiercely. The rescue team took more than 10 minutes, the fire was not completely extinguished.

The car is now firing the shell, the hood was burned turned up, the parts are bare, exposed, and window glass are gone. Whole body became black, has been completely fail to see the original appearance of the car Owners suspect line, 4S shop still trying to figure why Last time Mr. Jiang car chase a few months ago, "co-pilot side of the headlights replaced, repair in Yiwu Xinlong Auto Sales & Service Co., Ltd., the repair shop is the 4S shop maintenance specified in Yongkang point. "

Mr. Jiang is a thought, would not be a problem before the repair, "But for several months, before the open no problem."

As a result, Mr. Jiang or the possibility of the car line problem is relatively large.

Noon yesterday, the sales manager of Yiwu Xinlong Auto Sales & Service Co., Ltd. Mr. Gu, with six professional and technical personnel of the Kia factory to automotive plant took a photo of the burned car back to the manufacturers for further

Technical appraisal.

"This kind of spontaneous combustion be regarded as particularly significant, we are more cautious, should be carefully monitored to

determine." Gu Jingli said, because of technical experts from different departments, and will take some time for the pooled analysis, "We 30 will try to come up with a preliminary inspection results. '

"If quality problems, manufacturers will be liable." Gu Jingli, wait until the check after the report came out, they will follow the report claims budget Payout.

"I hope that the monitoring reports as soon as possible, and I think the problem is the car." Mr. Jiang said, 4S shop damages, he will choose to take the legal means to safeguard their legitimate rights and interests.

Best vehicle equipped with a fire extinguisher

Yongkang fire department to remind car spontaneous combustion events, like Mr. Jiang so if the car is equipped with fire extinguishers, can greatly reduce the losses caused by fire.

However, the fire extinguisher can only be used to destroy the primary fire, and to think of the effect must grasp the opportunity. This means that owners of car smell smoke, it should be that use of fire extinguishers to fight the blaze, or to see open flame and then go Save, even with the volume and then a big fire extinguisher has become a "drop in the bucket.

Generally with a car fire extinguisher in the car is enough, but for once a year. "Yongkang team members of the fire brigade, told reporters onboard fire extinguisher powder fire extinguisher, in liquid carbon dioxide or nitrogen-Powered, driven powder extinguishing agent spray out the fire, its shelf life is one year.

Every other year in respect of check fire extinguishers gas leaks, dry caking whether inflated or change of dry powder fire extinguishers in a timely manner. "The member said, over the period of the fire extinguisher is likely to dry powder spray does not come out, Or the injection time is shortened, and directly affect the normal use.

Also need to pay attention, and when to use a fire extinguisher, not just to the flame surface spray, but should be aligned with the base of the flame, and confirm that the flame all put to the fire extinguisher away. hid headlight kits and hid kits.


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