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Automotive and auto parts industry: Concerned about the opportunity brought by the 315 impact


March 15 is the day for resist fake products in China.
Independent brand car enterprises benefit from the reform of official vehicles from the role model, sales pulling is not to expect too much. 1) based on the current situation of the official car market, follow trends, Bus procurement policy is expected to formally implemented the pulling effect of the overall own brand and not much really left to its own brand of incremental expected only about 200,000; 2) although The limited incremental bring independent car prices, but its demonstration effect significantly enhance the role of
its own brand, from the image improvement and thus boost its own brand sales growth will play the role of long-term support.
    If energy subsidies saving rate of sub-file, the leading manufacturer of energy-saving technologies will benefit significantly. 1) From the point of view of the technical route, the efficient conventional powertrain technology and hybrid technology will significantly
benefit. 2) From the perspective of benefit manufacturers, FAW-Volkswagen, Hyundai, Changan, Great Wall and other energy efficiency leading enterprises will significantly benefit Japanese manufacturers for its mixed dynamic product sales or there will be actuated, but sales ability to overall warmer still need eyes on the progress of the China-Japan relations.
    The spotlight this week: the development of an international brand combing
    Fiat and Chrysler: 1) Fiat: the pride of the Italian industry; 2) Chrysler: suffered a lot;
    3) China Business: Helping recurrence. In the Chinese market, Fiat and Chrysler are experienced joint failure, though for reasons vary, but to sum up or due to the Chinese market does not understand and does not attach importance. The collaborative new partner, Guangzhou Automobile Group, Fick Group is expected to achieve a breakthrough in the Chinese market.
    Investment advice
    Passenger car demand short-term worries, the slow recovery of the heavy truck industry chain. Passenger car demand is still strong, strong corporate investment opportunities: 1) from our recent research point of view of the whole industry chain terminal postganglionic
terminal demand significantly year-on-year growth, the orders in good condition, and the stock at a low level; 2) from the core to zero parts business orders situation, orders in March year-on-year growth is still able to remain at about 10%; 3) a strong business is expected to continue to exceed market expectations, key enterprises, Changan Automobile, Great Wall Motor, KIA can still hold the main. Slow recovery in the heavy truck industry chain: 1) Logistics slow recovery in demand, the demand for new projects no significant warming; 2) the downstream sector of attendance still remain low, new car sales rebound rate would be significantly restricted. Special event: by 315 party exposure with Wyatt sedan rust, Volkswagen DSG gearbox problem, JAC, Shanghai Automotive short-term stock price will be under pressure; Chang'an and the Yueda sales of short-term or receiving a boost.

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