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Automobile headlights Much stress can not be arbitrary nor without


Nocturnal lights, signal lights, fog lights, nocturnal lights on the car, all kinds of lights have different purposes, the use is very particular, both can not be used indiscriminately nor without.

Night The width light: commonly known as the "little lights". This light is used at night and displays the body width and length. Regular checks of drivers usually carry out routine maintenance some drivers think small lamp can not afford to lighting effects, its not enough emphasis on this is very wrong.

Lights: turn signal (double flash) and brake lights. Proper use of the signal light is very important for safe driving.

Turn light: This light is opened in a vehicle steering, intermittent flashing to vehicles and pedestrians around the prompt attention. Turning lights turn-on time to master, and
should open in the intersection of 30 meters to 100 meters away from turning. The car cause "to open prematurely give the illusion forgets to turn off the turn signal, open too
party trailing behind the vehicle, pedestrian unprepared, often busy in error.

Brake lights: This lamp brightness strong, used to inform the car, the first car to slow down or stop lights such as improper use can easily cause a rear-end accident. In addition, replace the brake light bulb should pay attention to: the vehicle taillights general our production are "a bubble", two light bulb filament, the weaker small light, strong brake lights. Some manufacturers to design for the high and low-pin plug-in, it is very convenient to use. The replacement must be careful not to reverse.

Fog lamps: it can help the driver improve visibility in fog while driving, and to ensure across the car to discover, to take measures, security rendezvous. So, while driving in fog drivers must open fog lamps, and can not be replaced with a small lamp. Non foggy weather to open the rear fog after truck drivers will be very harsh.

Night lights: commonly known as "headlight. hid Headlights are the "heart" of the site for the full headlights. Reasonable use of headlamps should do the car becomes nearly light, the car will change back in time to high beam, to put far sight, make up will be car caused blurred. Through the intersection and overtaking should be to transform the distance light to prompt.


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